Universal language


They was supposed to have one so anyone could talk to anyone but it never happened

I was trying to decide what lang would be the one if I take over the world

I cud not decide bewteen Swahili and Navajo

So everyone will be forced to learn them both or go to the camps


You bored?


I think it should be C++


It always seems when brilliance arises it is totally ignored

Swahili is a beautiful language - does not sound like yer talking with a mouthful of dogcrap like all the others

The spousal unit does not approve of my idea either

Navajo is beyond hard so idiots will go to the camps - a cleansing as it were

there are always other motives behind my brilliance


Well, I see it like this:

Language isn’t necessarily an answer to anything. It can contribute to better understanding - that part I agree with.

However, we speak the same damn language as Canada and the UK. Do we get along with them? No. Why? Because we have a man-baby with the soul of a demon in the White House.
English isn’t helping.

It’s not about language, unfortunately.