Didja no kweers are def?




Bring that by me again…


come again?


I’ve told you for the last time.




Did you say something?




I’m going to need you to speak up.


Next time, into my good ear.


I can’t understand you when you mumble like that.


What are you going on about?


I said he was DEAF, not dead!


Not that it’s germane at all, and he didn’t mention it in his autobiography, but during the Cream era in the late sixties, Clapton did mess around on both sides of the proverbial fence. I saw this with my own eyes at Kiel (St. Louis) in 1967.


Are you saying he’s bi? Almost all those English rockers are.


I’d prefer to be scrupulous here, and refer you back to my earlier words. I observed him on one occasion fifty years ago, in behavior that appeared not to be hetero. It was on-stage, or rather just off-stage, and for all I know it could have been theater. I would not extend that observation to the point of “he’s bi.” His deafness is probably a result of an occupational hazard involving high sound pressure levels.


Or his lovers screaming in his ear. Either one.