What's on your summer reading list?




Two slim volumes of poetry from Dominic Albanese

Leadbelly, by Tyehimba Jess

Re-reading The Ronin, by Wm. Jennings, 30 years later

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me, by Sherman Alexie

Rules of Civility by Amor Towle

…and a couple of others.


(Spelt out even tho “CBT” is valid, dammit)





When my friends dad had that done his first comment was how he hadn’t realized how bad his sight was till he had the procedure done, and how he should have done it long ago.


Good luck with it. My grandfather said it was like night and day.

Though you’d think they’d use larger print in the brochures…



I would recommend that you don’t let them talk you into making one lens slightly stronger than the other, just get both eyes powered for normal vision. I can easily see my cars gauges with my normal powered eye and it works fine for normal vision needs. For viewing my computer monitor and reading store bought reading glasses will work fine. I need prescription glasses for my computer(1.25/1.75) and and prescription glasses (1.50/2.00) for reading; if I don’t have prescription glasses I have to close one eye to focus on my monitor(late at night anyways.) I think that they were being too smart by half recommending different powered lenses. They meant well anyways.

All said and done, Hoover, I am extremely pleased with my new eyes.:smile:


Your grandfather? um hum, um hum. I see what you’re saying there.



I worried over the decision because my eyes and close vision are very important to my work yet one wished to tell the hot beach chicks from the land whales at a distance…


Greasy fingers tearing at shabby clothes, hey, Colonel Love!