Where were you, when the Volcano blew?


KGW viewers remember where they were when Mount St. Helens erupted
Six KGW viewers tell their stories from May 18, 1980 — the day Mount St. Helens erupted.





Good old Harry Truman



An old girlfriend was living in Portland at the time. She watched and listened to it when the mountain blew up. Most powerful thing she ever witnessed. Volcanos, earth quakes tidal waves are really interesting to me.



This is Rincon de Vieja, about 80 k west.
She erupted about a month ago. Some of the ash made it to the coast.



Volcan Poás.

This volcano erupted a few years ago. The had to close the AP near San Jose, because of the ash. I believe this is the most active in the country. Scary but awesome too.


I live in San Jose and I don’t remember this. Was it over in Menlo Park, maybe?




San Jose, CR.


Old Harry and his Mountain (Before she blowed up)


Did Harry make it?


No, his refusal to leave “his mountain” is what made him a local legend.


Fast but nasty.