Who is Franklin Davis, you ask?


He’s just a homeless veteran in DC, suffering from diabetes and cancer, who gets locked out of the warming center at 0800 every day.

Then he takes a broom to the National Mall and sweeps up trash at the Vietnam memorial – while traitors, draft dodgers and grifters hold the nation hostage.


Too bad we are gona miss the endtimes - it’s gona be great


You may around. Apparently, AOC says it’s over in 2031.


I will be 86

odds of that = zero


Ya never know. I’ll be 65…not even eligible for SS and we’ll be gone.

What a ripoff!


You clearly don’t understand the concept of SS. We take from everybody in order to help those in need. You can now consider yourself educated on this matter.:grin:



Do you not understand the context of my statement?