Yes i panned SGT Pepper, that was 50 years ago! Leave me alone!


Meet the critic who panned ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ then discovered his speaker was busted. He’s still not sorry.


Over my limit with WaPo, so can’t read. But anywho:

Likely story!


I added the wapo app on my phone, so far they don’t seem to limit that.


I had this problem yesterday so in Chrome I open it in a “private incognito” window and I can read it again, works for most news type sites that limit the free news. I think they’re doing it with a cookie… the cookies get cleared every time you close out the private windows.


How do you open a private incognito window?


Right click on the link, click “Open Link In Incognito Window”.


Cool to know. I never paid any attention to that before!