You Know What Tonight Is - Don't You, Basketball Fans?


Here’s my rooting interests for this evening.

Wes Ginnie over Zags - Zags suck it.

Kansas over PU - Kansas is best in the field. I think they should advance and make this intersting.

Xavier over Arizona. Little hope on that one but ya never know.

Ducks over Mich - who cares about Mich anyway. Losers.



Ooookay - we got some goin on here.

West Virginia leading 30 - 30 at the half

Oregon up by five with 8 or so to play.

If Mountaineers could make a shot they’re be waaay ahead. 23% shooting and they are still even.

Ducks go up 1 with 1:00 to play. It’s a nailbiter.

Ahhhhha Haaaa - Ducks ! ! !

Amazing defensive presure by WV but they can not shoot straight.

52 all with about 4 to go.
Gahd damn it!



The end of Trump’s 62nd day in office?


You are counting?


Okay B-Ball fans.
I got to admit the WV lose last night is hurting a bit this morning. So close, so close to knocking out the pretender zags.

Tonight’s rooting interests:

Butler, who would need a miracle to beat NC.

Kentucky over UCLA. I do not care for Lonzo’s dad who is a yuuuuge doosh.

SC over Baylor, because I like SC for beating Duke.

aaaand the other game - who cares about that one?


Arizona buried me. I had them in the final four on almost all brackets and winning it all of 3 brackets. The left side of my bracket is DOA. Oh well, at least I can just sit back and enjoy the action now.

Glad to see South Carolina pummeling Baylor. A South Carolina vs North Carolina final would be cool.


Kentucky/UCLA is a good one so far. 36 - 33 Kentuck


WoW - great play to make it 14-12 Ducks. Tough test today for Ducks - they’ve been game so far but they’ll need their best tonight.

Xavier got hammered. I’m a lot closer to having to admit Zags are real than I ever wanted to be, though the big Polish kid is likable.

WOOOOOOW - Oregon up 11 at the half. They bringin it baybee.


I think this one will come down to the wire.

A first in Division I I. Northwest Missouri are basketball and football Champs. Good game.


Yeah, I’d be surprised if Kansas goes away easy.

Gettin a little close now - 6 up with 3 to play. GO DUCKS!

Salting it away now…

74 - 60



Speak English, would you? I don’t understand Pidgin.


I find the outcome of this game to be, very acceptable.


The Ducks couldn’t have done it without Villanova transfer Dylan Ennis.


I like the Ducks chances to make the Finals.

Sundays games should be epic.


SC advances 77 - 70 over Florida

The game up should be a good one. Kentucky/NC

I’ll root for Kentucky on account of the public rest room law controversy.

Refs giving every close call to NC - I do not care for their bias.
(yep - more bullshit calls against Kentucky)

Kentucky players needs to read this book

WOOOO - exciting game, man - 57-56 Kentucky about to tie or take the lead after the TO. Under 8 to play

OH BABY - Tarheels on their heels now. UK up 5 with 5 to go.
Humphreys playing big time ball !

That went away fast. :cry:

Oh well - great finish. 75-73. Score one for the Transophobes.


Two who’ve never been to the Final Four, and a third who’s not been for 78 years.