2022 March Madness

FTR… I’m going with the Zags FTW in my bracket, and V’nova second.

But this is about the cheerleader.


My parents’ South Dakota State U Jackrabbits went down easily in the first round to Providence, as expected. My own Cal Poly Mustangs didn’t even get invited to the lowly NIT.

My FIL’s and deceased BIL’s Michigan Wolverines are still in this.

They ran all the peeps with no homes out of the area for the big games.

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Yeah, tickets are insanely pricey. Huge money involved in college BB.

As for me, worst year I’ve ever had with brackets. I’m only about the 77th percentile going into the Sweet Sixteens. Last time I did a bracket I was still in the mid nineties at this point.

I have 2 of the final 4 teams, playing each other in the semi’s. That’s 'Nova and Kansas. But I’m over 90% and could place as high as third in my group.

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