666 Project

Is my music project…

I did this one in 4k, but it looks like it’s going to show low quality in the embed. I layered a bunch of Pink Floydish synth sounds on top each other.

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Finally got a chance to check these out. I like your use of the Floyd sounds. The serving and third pieces have a good driving beat and an interesting composition. That last one has an interesting edge and originality to it, at least to my mainstream exposure ear. Your voice is expanding, I can tell.

Thanks, I’m totally faking it til I make it. At this point my audio production is fairly on point and kind of standardized in how I do things. I’m trying to come up with something that doesn’t sound like every blues rock band for the last 60 years.

The last song to me sounds a lot like the group Ministry kind of like signature elements of a few of their songs together, just the way it’s done not copied. The kick and drum machine hi hat, the vocal sample, the heavy guitars…

I did this one tonight, I figured out how to do a vocoder like thing to vocal tracks

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So I recorded this more like a 4 piece rock band, the drums are a loop but everything else is performed… just drums, bass, vocal, rhythm and lead guitar tracks. The guitar solo I improvised most of it then recorded over a section I didn’t like.

For vocals I’ve just resorted to singing like 2 octaves lower than my natural voice now. lol Just cause it’s what sounds best on what I’m doing.

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Here’s one about snorting coke…