All the "leftists" saying that at least Trump didn't get us into a war

Oh, but he tried. He wanted to go to war with Iran.

"A key piece of evidence was a July 2021 audio recording, six months after Trump left the White House, in which he said he had a classified document about a potential military attack on Iran.

Days earlier, on July 15, 2021, Susan Glasser reported in The New Yorker that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley had discouraged military action against Iran, had also feared that Trump might stage a coup to remain in power, and had directed his deputies to ignore any illegal orders from Trump. Mark Meadows was holding a narrative contrary to Glasser’s, namely that Milley had urged attacking Iran more than once and that Trump had rejected those recommendations. Trump was infuriated by Glasser’s story, and he gave an interview to writers involved with Meadows’s forthcoming memoir. Trump’s aide Margo Martin recorded the discussion at his Bedminster, New Jersey home. (Martin commonly did this to ensure writers quoted Trump correctly. Special counsel investigators obtained several if not all of the recordings made during Trump’s book interviews.)

During the interview, Trump referred to a war proposal against Iran that had been drafted for him to consider in the closing days of his presidency. Of the document, he said: “It is like, highly confidential. Secret. This is secret information. Look, look at this.” He added: “As president, I could have declassified, but now I can’t.” Media outlets were told the document was written early in the Trump presidency when Joseph F. Dunford Jr. and Jim Mattis headed the Pentagon, but Trump and Meadows asserted the document was written by Milley, whom Trump appointed but then had a falling-out with


He tried to start a nuqular war with a hurricane, as I recall.


And also to put out forest fires, if I remember it correctly,


I forgot about that. Unfuckingbelievable…lmao

I’ve only ever heard right wingers say that lol

Whenever Milley opens his mouth flies come out. :grin:

Nope, there are some extreme left wingers that say it. I’ve read it in some articles and that idiot Jimmy Dore says it frequently.

They cling to their conspiracy theories, the idea that capitalism is all evil and their DPDS (Democrat Party Derangement Syndrome).

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Yeah Jimmy Dore kept getting wackier and wackier til he became a left wing trumper… wtf

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I don’t think he’s all there to be perfectly honest.


I don’t really pay him any attention, once in awhile his insanity pops up on my youtube and I’ll read the crazy title and scroll on.

Probably just desperate for views.

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I wonder how people don’t pick up his lunacy. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one. I think there are lot of those former Bernie Bros that just really want to see this country go down the drain.

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“Biden had a parking ticket. Trump has at least 30+ felony counts. Both sides are the same!!!”

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All the moron had to do was to return the docs with a mea culpa and this would be a nothingburger.

He is actually his own worst enemy.

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