Before you all

Accuse me of voting for Trump again


i can tell by the pixels and by seeing a few shops in my time

We’re going to need to see the long form ballot.

Bernie - :nauseated_face:

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Better than any of the corporatist democrats on the list.


That’s the entire WA ballot.

No, no he’s not.

Quite possibly. Besides that, it’s the fukin PRIMARY so voat your belief.

Thing to do this time is, ALSO VOAT IN NOVEMBER for whatever fuckwad the Dems run. Hold yer nose if you need to.

You mentioned liking ButtPegger, he’s created quite the controversy many a times die to his incompetence, lying, etc.

Who else isn’t a corporatist Democrat?

I’m tired of Democrats voting for the same pro-rich, anti-poor bills as the Republicans.

how tolerant.

I honestly can’t spell his name. And it fits… :slight_smile:

I look forward to you calling BD6 a racist again, being as you’re a homophobe.



Aww man, headshot even!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

How am I a homophobe?

There’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’m not talking down to him, aside from the fact that he’s a piece of shit, which has nothing to do with his sexuality :man_shrugging:

Wrong. Why do you love corporate democrats?

So, why did you make a comment about butt pegging?

Because you’re a homophobe.

If nigger=racist.
butt pegger=homophobe.


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I already explained why. I can’t spell his name.

Not a homophobe at all. It wasn’t a negative connotation.

That’s not even apples and oranges, that’s apples and a brick.
You’re comparing a racist term versus a non-negatively applied sexual joke.

Not a fact, and I understand why you like Buttigieg (I just took the time to Google it)… :joy::joy:





I’m just here to bring fax to the table.

I do notice you refuse talk about why you like corporatists.

Who are you to reject my thoughts?

Get your badly done troll outta here.

Because I don’t believe in a free lunch.