BF sounds like a busy place

…at least for those suffering from Post Compulsion.

Researchers have told me that the two most prolific posters there are Dove, who had logged 27,780 posts by March 13, and Bigly Smellz, pulling even with her with 27,740 posts. Further, 1133 of Dove’s posts and 1539 of Bigly’s posts were accumulated in just 13 days (March 1-13) which is a pretty high average daily production. Of course, her posts are considerably wordier than his even though they tend to be repetitive, and his posts, while short, are estimated to be 82% repetitions of the same 3 or 4 insults he seems to favor over actually posting any content at all.

I also hear that the site owner is growing concerned by the frequency of posts that lack content or relevance. That’s an old story. I hope he can find a way to save his forum from this nonsense. I would like to see his old crowd return to posting as they were doing before all the SG refugees washed up on the beach.