I am going to pick fights with you so you are motivated to post here.

So, yeah, Scotland sucks. It just may be the root of all evil, your people created the dominant American culture.

So there! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Not only that, they also released the Bay City Rollers on us.


On the other hand, 3/5 (or maybe 4/5) of Steeleye Span were Scots.

Hey, I’m picking a fight. We don’t need another hand.

I don’t really think Shirley Manson is even Scotch.

I don’t think Fat Bastard (the Austin Powers character) is really Scottish.

That’s how you know you are posting where you should be, in a home from home outside the usual thunder dome.

The only reason I am not posting more is down to several converging coalescing deadlines. However, I do lurk during my own self imposed fag breaks and continued subscriptions to the several cancers the side of the cigarette packet always promised me - and intend to irritate you all even more when I am able.

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That’s nice.

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arthur_pendragon used to brag about having a fag up in the back passage from time to time.

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A smoker huh? I’ll fix that. You’ll see.

Not to worry…I’m sure Blandy, like me, is as fit as a fiddle.



So you run, skip and jump barefooted through fields of flowers too!

I told you this was the perfect fit for me.


Oh and don’t ever insult the Bay City Rollers, they gave some of your mothers multiple self inflicted orgasms.

Not enough people remember how much teenage tartan knicker juice those laddies could have drilled for.

Hi Blandscape! Miss me yet? :innocent:

Of course I do.

Who wouldn’t?

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It be so empty without me

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I love him.

That video Flea is not available in my country, see YouTube terms and conditions for detail.

Well, that sucks.

Who is it, maybe I can access from this side of the pond?