Boxer dies from boxing, People don't kill people, Boxing does

Boxer Patrick Day dies from brain trauma sustained in fight

Cuz boxing is just a tool,Yo!

Fistfights are reason society can function at all.

It’s the reason men act civilized in each others presence, because everyone instinctively knows that if you push a man far enough he might hit you. The lack of which is demonstrated on the internet by the way people (Particularly men) act in a manner they wouldn’t in person. Women don’t have the same physical limit and can continue to push beyond civility to the point of psychological or emotional sabotage. This is part of the reason intersex violence isn’t easy to fix. This isn’t just a problem for men, women also can’t handle angry women. Women bully other women with much greater frequency and severity than male on male bullying.

Boxing is a pantomime of a natural system, and while people die on occasion, I believe that acting out of the process rather than letting it run rampant through the social psyche saves more lives than it costs.


I have Confederate slave owning ancestors, but so far as I know I have no “recent” ancestors that were in the practice of club swinging skull splintering shenanigans. But I am sure those were amazing days.

Yes, but you have the potential to defend yourself if you were pushed there. But people don’t typically push you there because they know that potential is there,

That’s why, for example, people don’t tell you they’d rape your kids if they were a bit older, or many other terrible things they may think.

Actually, it’s because people don’t know whether or not the other guy is a loon.

By the way, thank you for your attempt to say something sagacious.

Being crazy isn’t a threat beyond being unpredictable. It is the threat of violence that has the socializing impact, even with loons. This is understood psychology.

you sound very knuckle dragging neanderthalish, I thought it was hocus pocus fake Jebus sucking religion that kept society together? lol

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I’m a female and this is me, figuratively of course, but if I had to get down, I know I could.


Nah, I think he’s just been institutionalized by too much time behind walls.

I just enjoy psychology. Think whatever makes you happy.

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The threat of violence by others leads young males to form groups(gangs) with other .young males where they feel safe. There are other reasons as well but this reason is the most important one I believe. This psychology evolves into tribal behavior and eventually into nation state behavior.

Yeah, the results are very civilizing. LOL

PS-I saw a headline recently that stated that many males had not made a new friend in the last 5 years. My guess is that they are a little paranoid about other males.

Yeah, creating a macho image is so civilizing. LOL

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You’re describing tribalism,