Been rocking a scale and a cash register, trapping weed out a window all week in the worst neighborhood in Portland. Nice job, I like it… laid back, chill, good people, lots of freebies, tips, food… Selling lbs of buds every day by the handfuls. Hopped right on it, no training needed lol.


Sometimes I get a break from the window and roll joints. The store rule is you have to keep the last one if it doesn’t weigh a full gram… which is usually the case… I rolled these yesterday.


Also if we get to the end of a bin and last of a batch, if there’s not enough left to bag up and roll joints out of later then we get to split up the bottom of the bin that’s left.


So, you get to drag on the dregs, eh?


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Dregs, regs, mids, highs… they gave me this oil the other day, not bad… on Fridays we get tester samples of new products. :slight_smile:

It’s my day off, I just made a 630mg pan of rice krispy treats to take to work tomorrow…