Castle Canyon Trail #765, Mt Hood National Forest

I ended up going on this shorter hike yesterday thinking it would be more chill than the day before, only 800ft or so of elevation. But a lot of that elevation seemed to come all at once with some scrambling up rocks. I got to the formations but there were other people there too and I didn’t get on top of them… I had enough rock climbing just getting there and was mostly worried about climbing back down… which was a little difficult for me from where I had gotten to. I’m no rock climber… My hands hurt today after hanging on for dear life.

The road in was fine, plenty of parking for half dozen cars, it was a steep little short hike… After I got past the more difficult sections going down I made quick time of it coming back.

I really love exploring the mountain and there’s a lot of it to explore. It’s so beautiful. I haven’t even been enhancing/sharpening the pics at all and it’s so saturated lush green.

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From where the last photo was taken I had to slide down on my butt and even that seemed precarious like you could start sliding and never stop if you weren’t careful. I was like far enough for me… Plus there were two groups of people up there. Climbing up seems to be easier than climbing down for me… I know nothing about rock climbing other than try to maintain 3 points of contact while you search for the next one… and I’m scared of heights.

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Orygun purty.

Hiking down is more precarious and harder on the knees. I find: don’t go down on your heels, keep your knees bent and flat-footed on the trail down. More friction that way. Needs solid muscles holding your legs like that, work them glutes!


Some parts I had to climb down backwards on all fours.

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After you get done hiking there, if you’re headed west back to Portland you can take a Right on E. Lolo Pass. You’ll soon pass Camp Zigzag and soon after there will be a bridge over the ZigZag River. Right in front of the bridge is a spot big enough for one car. There’s another cut in that leads to a Private but Public trail along the ZigZag River.


That was a rugged trail.

When it comes to hiking challenging trails you gotta do what you gotta do to get back and head home.

I hiked a trail called “goat herd trail” or something like that in the Santa Cruz mountains. On some of the rocky areas, I had to put one foot in front of the other. It was work! And a bit scary, but with no choice but to make it back, I was able to do it.

I made a note to myself: When it says “goat”, uhm, maybe try the next trail. lol

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This one was difficult! I go slow and careful over the difficult spots. The poles definitely make it easier. I was just looking at one I want to do…

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How far is that from where you are?

I think it said around 2.5 hour drive.

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That’s not bad at all if you camp overnight.

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