CBS All Access free for a month or two

So since CBS All Access is now free for a month or two (depending on where you heard it) I signed up, and I have binge watched season 1 of Picard. Star Trek Discovery is next. For you trekker nerds, ALL ST franchises are there for the watching.

And all other CBS offerings as well. And dont forget to cancel when your time is up.

Here’s the link, with the promo code (“gift”, lower case, no quotes)


I have calculated that by watching 16 hours per day for 60 days you will only get back 32% on your original investment. That is not a logical investment Wabbit.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Step away from the crack pipe…

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HBO opening up SOME classic shows and movies also, without subscription.

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Those of you watching Picard… you like it?

Peculiar show, but I’ve enjoyed it so far.

I finished the season, yeah it’s different, darker. I’m watching ST:Discovery now.

Semi-spoiler: in a scene in the finale, a fairly poignant one, a song is played. It’s sung by the girl who plays Dahj and Soji. The song choice is a throwback to an earlier TNG movie as well. I thought that was a nice touch.

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I should have referred to Wabbit as Captain, it would have made more sense that way.:grin: