Cheap Guitar Huntin

Always huntin for a deals(steals), Squier Standard Precision P Bass, case, little 15 watt amp, stand and a strap… $120… hopefully I’ll be picking it up tomorrow, should be able to more than get my money back out of it.

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I worked with a guy that bought and sold drum stuff. like a snare drum he’d find or a cymbal or set of symbols or a bass pedal whatever, he see it for X bucks and think it’s worth more, he’d buy and immediately resell it before he even took delivery(sometimes anyway)

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Musical gear holds its value pretty well because everything gets cheaper and shittier all the time.

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Speaking of guitars…

Keith and the other Mick’s guitar tracks.

Picking this bass up tomorrow… looks like a good buy… just the case alone is probably $70 at a muzak store… I think I could start it out at $200+ shipping on ebay and sell it if I don’t keep it.

Well I went to go get this today but never made it, ended up on the side of the road all afternoon… what a day!

Found a real pawnshop gem today… putting new strings on it, had to solder one wire too…

Just saw this Yamaha acoustic on Craigslist for $100, hopefully I’ll be picking it up soon… :slight_smile:

My son does that with guitars, but he usually does stuff to them. He has bought many a guitar off his profits from a couple of other guitars.


If you know what they’re worth and can fix little things, looks like you can make a killin on guitars.

I need to figure out how to lower the string action a little and maybe give the truss rod a turn but it’s a nice old Yamaha acoustic, and loud as fuck, maybe the loudest acoustic I can ever remember playing and sounds great.


I don’t know shit about acoustic guitars and know ya do… :slight_smile:

So it looks like someone put a new bridge saddle on it but didn’t really set it up at all, like just dropped a new in and it has pretty high action… So I watched two different guys on the tube tackle this… one sanded off the bottom, one filed the top of the bridge saddle down… Would the two pronged sanding it down some first and then filing the top be the way to go?

Also they had the bridge saddle flipped around backwards me thinks… like the higher side on the treble strings, I flipped it around and now the intonation higher up the neck seems A LOT better.

Adjusting the truss rod didn’t seem to make much difference. It does loosen and tighten though and I tightened it back up and the neck seems straight and looks fine doing the capo on the first fret, holding it down on the 12th and checking the space at the 7th.

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What do you guys think, is it worth $80? I read someone claiming that they started at $299 new… seems like they’re kind of rare and there’s not much info on them. Just got paid today, more guitar huntin…

Going to go check out and probably pick up 2 more Yamaha acoustics, ones more like one of their Martin copies like I got and the other is a classical guitar both early 70’s, and a Fender hardshell bass case tomorrow, got a great deal on the bundle. Basically he’s throwing in the Fender case which is nice for buying the two old acoustics on the cheap.

Looks like maybe the best place to go cheap guitar hunting…a few gems among all of the garbage… Shit I saw someone wanting $285 for one of these Samick Valley Arts strats on the ebay, they’re supposed to be nice guitars…

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I can tell you just from the pic, it’s got a twisted neck. Bad player.

Maybe a little, I’ve adjusted the truss rod a little, put some light gauge acoustic strings on it and it plays pretty well and sounds good. I’ve been playing it quite a bit lately, gettin my $100 out of it… The action is kind of high at the 12th fret, I think the bridge could be shaved down quite a bit though before buzzing occurs.