Coming to take er guns

And tax us for it…

Fucking Democrats

While the bill has not even passed the house yet; it’ll be interesting to see the revisions it gets as this goes on.

I’ll drink alcohol and smoke a cigarette, then buy gasoline and drive my large automobile to that.

Tax this dick
-Thomas Jefferson, probably

You can have sensible gun legislation, or you can have insanity.

Republicans chose to forego the former.

And Democrats prefer the latter.


“If you have to walk, I’ll tax your feet…”

“No forget that, make it a bottle of Jack Black that black Mossberg up there on the end, and 4 boxes of shells…bitch done fucked up real bad!”

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Is it a drive-through?

This’s Louisiana Son, we don’t even make ya git out of your car to git geared up for the killin’

That looks like freedom right there, I tell ye hwhat

Well… since weed is legal now the prison industrial complex is going to need some fresh meat… Might as well let them lock up the cowardly gun owners who let the gov throw away the key on people for the most medicinal plant on earth for decades… Fuck the gun owners, they didn’t care when we were being locked up for weed, I don’t care when they get locked up for their guns… They need to give ya’ll a week to turn your shit in and then start issuing warrants and SWAT raids.


is it a complete sentence?

It better be, otherwise there’s nothing left to finish it.