Cultural Misappropriation Featuring the 4077th M.A.S.H



People of our age get a sense of resonance in medical emergencies and the number 4077.

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Good catch old boy, that went right over my melon.

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Or as i had should have said, missed by my Hawk Eyes.

It’s still comfortably cruising at 35k feet over my head…lol

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Just Bing It Major Winchester.

Are you trying to Trapper, John?

Ireand just declared a national curfew to prevent Houlihanism

Too bad Klinger isn’t here to ad-dress this.

This subtopic is flying under some people’s Radar.

If one wasn’t careful they could end up getting Major Burns on their Hot Lips.

A Pierceing analysis.

BRB, going to meet my Father over at Mulcahy’s for some Corned Beef and Cabbage. I suppose I should put on some green Mufti for the occasion.

I think the humor subtopic needs to be Freed, Man.

I’m really tempted to split this entire tangent off the Corona thread and tie it to the big toe of the last pun I myself tried to post here, which regrettably was DOA.



During this pandemic, it’s been a case of “Honey, cut my hair?”

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In unrelated news, the S&P500 closed at its record high today, $4077.

Cue “twilight zone “ theme.