Dems hate fun

I think even the big racing circuits, Nascar, Formula 1, etc have some specific rules the teams must follow, or risk being sanctioned.

The government shouldn’t be able to tell me I can’t add a supercharger or turbo on my car.

I understand catalytic deletion being a crime… but not modifying your engine.

As I understood the article, it was more about tricking the systems that measure your emissions like how VW was doing, not how many horse torques you were squeezing out

Hey man, maybe putting more shit in the air and getting away with it is fun, for some.

It was deleting check engine lights from catalytic converter removals… which… track cars overheat when they have cats.

China seems to love it: :grin:

My eyes water just looking at this one:

My mom was in Beijing just before the 2008 Olympics (got invited to take part in a tour for just $1k including flights, 5-star hotels and 2 excellent meals a day), they had already banned cars etc inside the city and the air was getting clean. Until the games ended and it all went right back to Emphysema Central.


As of right now every manufacturer seems to have an electric car, and I know Toyota has a hydrogen powered car you can buy right now…and it’s great looking.

It doesn’t make sense to strip peoples’ rights and freedoms for modifying their own property.

Fuck the nanny gov, this isn’t China and to think China is a shining example is… laughable.

Out of 106 countries, in 2019 the US ranked 84. There was a couple countries below us obviously, but their lack of industry is apparent.

But nope can’t modify your car. Even though it HASN’T had a historical problem as were such a niche group that it’s insignificant.

Also check out the Toyota Mirai, it’s actually really cool.
Toyota gives you a complimentary $15k worth of hydrogen gas with vehicle sale pushing the cost down below $35k for the vehicle itself as MSRP starts at $50k.

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I love the hydro concept, but there are no hydrogen stations anywhere near me yet, as far as I know.

Sounds like she had a fascinating trip. :slightly_smiling_face:


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We have deposit, and 99% of the time, I just leave my garbage bag full of cans for someone else to process through the machine for the buck or two in returns…I like giving back to the community that has given me so much.

It’s honestly not worth it. I just bundle my recycles, but the point here is car dudes’ increased pollution from vehicle modding is a miniscule drop in the bucket compared to everything else… and you can go to jail for it.