Did Biden just approve

A Raytheon package deal export for Chile?

Isn’t the SecDef a former Raytheon exec with stock still in Raytheon?

Whoa, holy smokes, thanks Obama…God Bless Teh Turtle!

Damn Republicrats and their conflicts of interest

31 Days and no collectivism, no genocide, no redistribution of wealth and property…
Biden is the worst commie ever!

We would rise up agin’ him if only his previous boss hadn’t taken all are guns

ikr? I’d go on a mass stabbing spree, but I don’t like being too close to strangers during the Biden Epidemic.

31 days in, and 500K Americans are dead.

Biden did as much as President at the onset of this ‘flu’ as Obammy did as President when Saddam was bringing down the towers on 9/11.

Those sumbitches, this why we need to go and revandal the Capitol, but this time even better!

Take are Country back!

A barrel of oil costa 50% more than it did under Trump, that means that the oil to heat your home will be going up thousands and a tank of gas will go up another dollar per gallon, the price of trucked products will go up as well. and this is just a start.

Fuel oil has long been looked at as a leading economic indicator, if demand is driving up fuel prices it means fuel is burning which means the wheels on the big trucks are turning…meaning Biden has made the economy 50% better in just 31 days,

I’m not going to bother with pointing out the effects of seasonal demand and emergency demand on oil prices, factors that have fuck-all to do with who the president is.

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I was going to point out freezing temps in oil states shutting down rigs…

But that’s too much for him to comprehend, maybe.

I try to give him some space. Repugnicans generally are scraping the bottom of the barrel right now when it comes to solid trollbait.

Speaking of trollbait, after 4 years of dogwhistling and executive indifference, Fox has raked Biden for not mentioning the cancellations of Dr. Seuss in his recent literacy speech. I guess we’re back to tan suits and dijon mustard again…

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Yeah, as if Dr Seuss somehow had redeeming social or cultural value EVER. How can anyone venerate Seuss but excoriate Spock, when they both should be of interest only to anthropologists?