Diet Fail

…but just for today. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a couple of bagel sandwiches. Started by scoring the bagel sides and nuking both the top and bottom for 45 seconds each at a low power setting. I then finished cutting them and I used my fingers to remove the extra dough. Here is the problem: how do you keep from eating that warm, doughy scooped out center? :roll_eyes:

What fail? If you can’t treat yourself on occasion, you’ll never stick to your new regimen. If it becomes a habit tho… it’s all about balance

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As long as you’re still in a calorie deficit, you’ll be alright

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Thanks for the encouragement. I posted, however, mainly because I was amused by my predicament. :rofl:
I will post about my Oreo Diet later. :upside_down_face:

What was your decision regarding popcorn? :popcorn:

Since I have diverticula, that was TWO reasons to drop it as a snack. I do miss it.


The guy working on my 4runner has that and it has been acting up on him, a lot. I just wish he’d quit being so selfish and get my 4runner fixed so I can have some summer fun!


Apparently, 70% of people living in industrialized societies haver diverticula. This statement needs to be checked.
I have had a couple of boughts of diverticulitis. I was given conflicting advice about popcorn.

I used to burn both ends when I was younger and I had issues with this. Tell the guy to show down and to keep some antibiotics in the refrigerator. They help. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s part of his problem, he happens to be very allergic to most antibiotics, so his treatment options are limited, last convo he was reluctant to go under the knife.