Dongley, check this out


Nice use of Pink Floyd in the soundtrack

Lookin forward to it. Looks like they’re doing a faithful telling of the book.

Two full length movies, right?

I hope it’s faithful. The 2000 SciFi Channel mini was also pretty good, covered the first 3-ish books, up until it got really weird with Leto II’s “transformation”.

They do need to include the Fremen holy order, “the Brethren of the Cistern “.

Too bad they can’t get a 4-year-old Alicia Witt to try pronouncing “Kwisatz Haderach” like they did in '84…

There was much wrong with the 1984. Best to let it lie.

That version was a marvel to look at, and the casting/costuming was brilliant, but man did they ruin the story and the dialogue