Fake News

Trump takes the well-known “toddlers of different races run to each other for a hug” and casts it as a CNN fake new item, compete with misspelled chiron. Twitter is having none of it…

It’s another example of a Trump accusation being really a confession.

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The more you call him out the more openly racist he gets… sweet…

Makes you wonder what bombshell he’s deflecting from, eh?

I think the SCOTUS decision on DACA. I haven’t read any of the actual opinions, but the FAUX spin today as championed by the “neutral” Ken Starr is identical to the WH spin, and consequently I’m doubting that’s the correct spin.

Trump got slapped hard twice by the GOP packed SCOTUS, and then Bolton’s excerpts…He’s probably making Melania wear the Hillary wig all weekend.

You misspelled “Ivanka wig”.

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Dying on Tulsa time,

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