Fellow Sportsball Fans I beseech thee

The Orygun Ducks need your best thoughts and prayers. Imploding on live teevee!


Oy vey!

Yawn image, insert here.

goddamit, we were right on the edge of getting into the CFP

even if we pull this off, and make an awesome come back, my life is ruint!

Thanks guys, I think it’s your prayers that are creating this comeback, but is it too little too etc?

7-24 AZ like 4 minutes ago,

21-24 AZ 5.24 tg.

Brave attempt to little too late, we got beat.


A:. On Wisconsin

Q:. Where should the Ducks crap today?

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OK, it’s like official now, duck’s are a pretty good team.

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We’re just watching now, a few minutes behind.

I’m going to watch these last few minutes offline, or one of you will post the outcome.

Congratulations Apey, it was a thriller!

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Before the sixth-ranked Oregon Ducks outlasted the No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers to win the 106th Rose Bowl 28-27 on Wednesday, a B-2 bomber flew over the storied stadium as part of the pregame festivities. Piloted by United States Air Force Lt. Col. Ni…