Finally got the front page loading in under 2 seconds

With WP-Super Cache… the other caching plugins I tried, W3 Total Cache (which does well on other sites/servers for me) and Quick Cache only slow things down on that server.

WP-Super Cache

Page load time: 1.29s
Total page size: 536KB

Not sure why, but the board front page only loads for me about 50% of the time. I have to refresh multiple times. This happens on all of my machines but one and I haven’t really pinpointed what is different on the one machine.

The board page always loads fast for me, next time try running a tracert and see what it says.

Also are you using IE8 or something? I imagine outdated browsers are pretty fucked on this board.

It won’t even try to load on IE8. You just get a message telling you to update your browser. This happens on IE11. I really just need to make the jump to Chrome.

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Yeah, to be honest with you I haven’t even looked at it in IE yet. I have IE 10 let me check it out.

Looks fine in IE10, maybe faster than Chrome but that might be because I’m logged in on the Chrome browser.

I’ve been using Chrome for quite while now, recently I was having problems with it crashing, then I reloaded it and it’s been fine (knock on wood) since then.

This page tested at…

Page load time: 1.60s
Total page size: 715KB
Total number of requests: 20

The goal for websites and web content is under 2 seconds preferably, longer than that and people start going ugggghhh.

Never have any problem with the site front page loading, just the board. I’ve got a bunch of other security BS running on my machines, so it’s probably related to that in some way. I’ll have to dig a little deeper.

If you find something let me know and send me details. If I can’t fix it maybe the guys who make the software can.

Will do.