Gardening Books

Went to a book sale the other day, got these 4 books for $2.50.



I barely beat some other hippie who probably would have taken a couple of them.

The first book How To Grow Vegetables and Fruits By The Organic Method looks pretty awesome, it’s from 1965, 926 pages.


A good gardener can be an influential man (or woman, I suppose). There was a movie about that.


Double score!!

I like to watch.

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They probably transported the produce in their Ford Country Squire wagon.:grin:


This made me think of a fantastic store we have here called Lee Valley. If nothing else, their catalogues are awesome but they also selling really neat but high quality stuff. I just noticed they are in the US now as well so you might want to check them out:

Specifically their gardening catalogue:

I don’t know how comparable they are but we love them up here in Canada.

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Nice stuff but too buku for me!

Buku? Wassat?

Too Buku - international language for “too much.” But when I decide I need a $60 pair of pruners I’ll look them up…

Some stuff can be spendy but the quality is tops.

I’m sure it’s a hell of a pair of pruners that would probably last forever.

Probably “beaucoup”

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Sounds like it :slight_smile:

Wabbit is right, I didn’t know the correct word for it even though I’ve seen the correct version numerous times used in other ways, I always thought it was some slang. :slight_smile:

It is or was, the grunts brought it home from Nam and typically corrupted the pronunciation to buku or bookoo

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I think I heard it used by some military guys that way is where I picked it up from.

I used to hear it as an attached adjective, never by itself but with something to modify, like “that’ll cost buku bucks”. Usually from my mom, not from others, tho.

Everywhere you go though, no matter what you’re haggling over, Too Buku is the universal language, they all know what that means. lol