Gardening enthusiasts

Now that I’m mostly settle into the new home, I spent Sunday planting and gardening.

I didn’t realize just how much I’d missed it living where I was before. I’m mostly planting herbs, some lettuce and flowers. But did get some seeds to prepare for next spring planting.

It’s great exercise as well.

My garden has been on the decline for awhile… I picked a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes today but the bigger ones are split and rotten on the vine after weeks of rainy and cold weather. I still have the peppers going strong in my mini greenhouse though.

It was in the 90’s recently and now it’s back into normal range, in the 70’s…we’re thinking of planting a winter garden. There are some vegetables that can be grown in cold weather.

No tomatoes though…

If I lived in your climate I’d grow all year round for sure. I start planting some stuff like lettuce when there’s still snow on the ground.

We got some seeds for lettuce, some slow bolting cilantro…going to check the master gardener site for more options for winter gardening

Most greens, carrots, some peas, radishes, cabbages, and I’m sure tons of stuff I’m forgetting all do well in the cool weather, you can look it up on Google. Lettuce will handle a light frost, I’ve had it live through the whole winter before one year when it only got down to around 15 degrees, it died back but started growing again as soon as it started warming up.

Thanks for the info. We bought some compost, and other soil amendments to prep for gardening in this space in the backyard. It’s a brick retaining wall that’s about 2 1/2 feet high. It’s a perfect space for a veggie garden.

It’s been a spell…

Anyway, I just found out I am an official UC ANR (Agriculture and Natural Resources) Master Gardener.

I turned in my final on Tuesday, and passed. Will get my actual score on Saturday.

It was a little more work than I initially expected, but being affiliated with the University of California, I should have known.

I’ve made some new friends, and we share a hobby, so it’s been a positive experience in more ways than one.



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Thanks, I did learn a lot. Mostly that I still have tons to learn.