GoDaddy Hosting

A couple of weeks ago I redid a site hosted at Godaddy, which used to be on my do not fuck with list of web hosts and it was fine, it was on their “Cpanel” hosting… nothing great as far as speed etc. but no issues.

So I take a small job involving a site hosted at Godaddy and it was just like their awful old web hosting that I avoid like the plague and lots of issues…


Well Danica Patrick is kind of hawt, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

It appears they’ve upgraded their hosting but left all of their old customers on their shitty old setup, because they value them and shit.

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Sometimes I think about making some money online

But then I don’t


So back it today, I’ve seen this GoDaddy shit in the past, this is how it works, one boondoggle after another and good luck getting someone to fix it on their end… they fixed the FTP issue surprisingly, files are uploading today… Now I need a basic module that’s as common as dirt enabled on their shitty server and I’m getting a total fucking runaround. After that it will be something else.

Hosting with GoDaddy? Are you nuts?!?

I had a GoDaddy site years ago. They suck beyond all words.

Billdo knows better, but some of his clients don’t.

I should have asked if they were nuts.

Jesus wept.