Good Propaganda

So I just watched the mini series on netflix the last couple nights, it’s about John Demjanjuk a Ukrainian that settled in the USA after WW 2 at one point i wondered “Hmm why are they showing this now?” Then I remember the Teacher getting fired just the other day for doubting the holocaust, we have a generation of kids that aren’t too sure about it either.

Maybe the librul media is just reminding us all, that racism is uncool.

That was a good series. What a motherfucker he was.

I wanted to believe he was innocent, almost right up to the end. But then like his old supervisor at Ford said, we took a bunch of high ranking Nazis, like Von Braun for example and he took us to the moon, then some low level grunt like Demanjuk, almost gets executed for doing low level grunt shit.

I believed he was evil and was ready to hang him almost from the get go. Can’t believe how he ended up in Argentina…

You should watch The Laundromat, it’s a classic.

No Demanjuk died in Germany during an appeal, the Germans convicted him of being a functionary in a death camp, where Israel was trying to convict him of being “Ivan The Terrible” an extremely sadistic guard at Treblinka.And due to German law, since he was convicted but in the middle of a legal appeal, when he died his verdict died with him.

I think you and I watched a different show.

I thought it was the same one. The movie I saw was where the guy would take Jews valuables and “save” them for the family, then he’d put them on lists to the concentration camps where they were killed.

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Yeah different dude, this is a trailer for the dude I watched. He reminded me of the Step Dad I had for a couple years. built like a bull, quiet and hard working.

oops my bad, this series was called “The Devil Next Door” Evil next door is a different series

Is there a place where you can see the movies you’ve viewed on Netflix?

You don’t have netflix?

Yes, I do.

But I can’t tell all the movies I’ve seen. I wonder if there’s a database I can access to see all the titles I’ve seen is all.

I just got access to it, a friend gave me his access code So I haven’t really figured all the ins and outs, out yet, but I agree, it would seem logical to have a list of what you have watched available. I figured out that it does queue the series you are currently watching. and knows what episode is next for you., or saves the one you are watching but turn off midstream.

I’ll ask Ben, he probably knows.

Google had an idea.

Good intern - go make coffee now

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