Good thing we're back up

The Small Gonadz crew was all wringing their handz all day Sunday worrying about us.

That Bigly Smellz guy evidently lurks us every day and reports back to that crew whenever he finds something to hate on, which is to say more than a couple times a week. The thread about THE FLY was a special hit.

Guess things are pretty slow there of late.

Maybe we should open up the Countess Cotillion sub so he can see THAT. :upside_down_face:


He is such a clever little man. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

eta, have y’all seen this pic of AOC’s feet in the bath tub?

It’s still a little cringey knowing he is out there trying to peek inside my boudoir windows. Eww!

What’s his url again? :slight_smile:

Please PM, don’t want to give those losers any of my SEO juice…

lol his site is a wreck… I thought this dude supposedly has skillz? I think he’s just butt hurt because I said he wasn’t welcome here awhile back when someone asked if he could come play… wahhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, the haterz at BlockheadCanucks were wringin THEIR handz too, but the 2 admins from Small Gonadz were there cheering them on so the page is mildly interesting.

We may have to send TheJudge over there to cheer them up, if I can interest her in such a mission.

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Small Gonadz site is a hella laugh… that shit’s technically all fucked up… and his 2nd grader logo/header is amusing too… hilarious…

Ok if i drop this here?


Why are they angry at us and not the fly? We didn’t do nothing.

They’re mad because their lives are miserable under Trump. :slight_smile:

Though that’s true, they’re really spazzing out that they might lose and lose big in this election.

Why can’t they be happy just sniffing one another’s butts? It seems like that’s what they all want for their forum.

I hear that even Pence’s fly won’t stop by SG. Is that true?

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They’re boring, remember when you asked if Joo could come over and I said no lol… I think that’s the problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes I have a warm heart and a soft mind. What the fuck was I thinking? He treated me like shit.


They think we’re boring, old and stupid. And yet, they can’t stop window licking…

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