Guitar Jams

I liked the backing track, seemed kind of Steely Danish…


Damn dude, you can play.

Very cool.

Thanks… there are all kinds of people playing amazing guitar on the tube, makes me feel like an amateur, learning some new shit from some of them… wish I would have had all this shit in the 80’s and 90’s.

I’m saying’! Sometimes I get lost in there just clicking on shit and listening to all the amazing sounds people make.

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I call that youtube surfing. See also: wikisurfing.

Sloppily messing around multi tracking guitars.


Love the slide work. You should see about getting some session gigs.

lol it was really sloppy… and only if they email me the work!

Just bid on a used midi controller like this one, looked clean and a good deal… with one of these or something like it I’ll be able to hook into the computer and play any sort of VST instrument.

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I do that occasionally, sometimes starting out doing a search for say ‘Mad World cover Piano’ etc, then clicking away with the suggested tracks

A quick improv for the punk kids on the tube…


I’m saying’! That’s how I found this:

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Multiple guitars over some drums…


Speaking of deep YouTube walkabouts. As at least one of two of you might have discerned, I’ve been on a Rory Gallagher trip lately. I wanna play like that motherfucker before I die.

Anyways, I found this one I’d never heard and I’m gonna spend the rest of my Saturday night trying to play it.

Then I’ll leave you this because it’s an utterly awe3some and cool tune.


They once asked Jimi Hendrix how it felt to be the worlds greatest guitarist. He replied “I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher”.

Quick improvised jam, guitar and bass.

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Love the guitar, hate the drums on that one.

I was waiting for Johnny Cash to start singing :))

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Not really an acoustic but this Peavey guitar can sound close enough to one for me…

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