Guitar pedals... a shameless advertisement (friend of mine)

Hey CBTers,

This is my college buddy who taught me to play one summer between semesters, I did help proof some of the articles on his website. His pedals are geared to all levels of guitarist, to offer help choosing and setting up effects.

Any of youse who might be interested, check it out, and if you don’t wanna that’s no prob.



Hey -
Happy Halloween! I am now on the verge of launching my guitar pedal company called HandleBox Pedals.
One thing that would be super helpful would be to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share with your friends.

I just posted a “welcome video” on YouTube: Welcome to HandleBox Pedals - YouTube

Our Website:

And here’s our story:
HandleBox Pedals is a small start company just getting launched. Hi- my name is Tony and I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years. I founded HandleBox Pedals because I kept getting frustrated with the guitar pedals I owned. I had too many, they took up a lot of space, and it was difficult to quickly change sounds during gigs or practices. It dawned on me that there were several ways to make guitar pedals simpler! During the Covid lockdown in 2020 and 2021, I spent countless hours designing just that, and HandleBox Pedals was born! Our mission is to deliver super simple-to-use, great-sounding guitar pedals. Pedals, which are also called “stomp boxes”, can be very confusing to understand, buy, or configure. We design pedals for anyone who wants to get great sounds out of their guitar pedals quickly and easily- whether you are a beginner, intermediate or gigging musician. By the way, we designed our pedals to be easily portable, wherever you go! After all, they have handles!
Thanks for your support!

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I’ll share this on a couple guitar FB pages i am on.