Hey Ape... how many times has Roido bannerated you for cartoons?

Just curious, cuz things are so stale at SG this week he’s reposting your political stuff from here.

Talk about obsessive.

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I missed this post, what can I say Bigly Roids wants me achingly, yearningly, desperately I’ve lost track of how many times he has ban/flirted with me. Gotta 4 or 5 times at least. (Oh, he can’t see this board, can he?)

That’s not counting the 2 or 3 bans from Murdyville, before he ran it into the ground…amirite?

Oh gosh no, I’ve almost forgotten about that chicken coop. We might ask @theLastLastHolliday he’s good at archiving forum stats and datum.

Nah, I don’t think he even deigned to visit poor Murdy.

MMP is gone.

And SG is on its way out too by the looks of it.

Yesterday Blazor got drunk off his ass and released all sorts of drunken racial vitriol to me. I was like WTF, with everything going on in the country, I am spending my time with the racist worthless incels?

I’m done. Don’t plan on returning, not as long as the racial shit goes on. It’s the LEAST I could do.

Only exception, if Biden wins in November, I am showing up.

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