Hey cons - If everyone on earth was gona die the most horrible death

But it could be prevented by just one con saying theOne did a good job on one thing

Would we all still die?

I think so

We’d be done.


We’ll see when he does a good job on one thing.

You don’t have to mean it - you just have to say it - like in the Butch and Sundance movie card game scene


If he got the blame for it, does he get the credit?

Or does that go to Fox News, Limbaugh and other con douchebags?

The government is mad that coyotes are making bank. They need their cut.

As Duke said, you’d rather let it all rot than give Obama’s admin credit for anything.

Wonder what that’s all about? eyeroll

Yes, and by a Giant Meteor.

He hasn’t done one thing worth giving credit to.

How about getting Mexico to stop the stem of illegals from Central America?