Hey, remember when I told you all I live near the Home Despot in south San Jose?

We had a fire at a Walmart last month, next town over, pretty new store (although come to think of it, prolly fifteen years old.) Welders working on something on the roof started a fire that they didn’t notice right away, burned thru the roof and did a lot of smoke and water damage in part of the store. They had to shut it down, pull all the stock out, clean up and restock, amazingly they were only closed for about ten days. But no fire sale for the locals.

From my upstairs office window. Video was too large.

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Jesus Wabbit WHAT DID YOU DO!?

Someone had to say it.

You’re lucky that all the black smoke is blowing right on past you.

Damn right. That plume was big, very black, and went on for a couple hours. I masked up when I was out rubbernecking because asthma. Smelled like a tire fire… a lot of explosions from the paint department, apparently.

Paint, solvents, PT lumber, fertilizers, pesticides, glues, carpet, vinyl siding…the whole South Bay could develop Gulf War syndrome.

Take care, Wab.

“Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from ev’ry room…”


Such moody verbiage.

Air… Air
Hit me in the face
I run faster
(Faster faster faster)
Faster into the air
(I say to myself)
What is happening to my skin?
Where is that protection that I needed?
Air can hurt you too
Air can hurt you too
Some people say not to worry about the air
Some people never had experience with…

Air… Air
It can break your heart

I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything

~Bart Simpson

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Meanwhile, a four-alarm fire at the port of Benicia. They are saying it may burn for days.

Guess the Bay area is undeterred by not having enough trees left to burn and is settling for man-made fuel in order to get a jump start on fire season.

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Mine seems to be out, at least no smoke visible from my place. I will probably take a walk later to see what’s left.

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Instead of smash-and-grab, this hero used burn-and-grab as his MO, even managed to hit a Macys in East SJ after this. The dealio being the sprinklers and alarm did not do as required and the fire went yuuge, dunno if there’s causation to the correlation but he usually doesn’t burn shit to the ground, just makes a diversion for his grab.

On the plus side there won’t be murder charges since there wasn’t even an injury to a hooman (tho there is unconfirmed talk of some cats at the Veternarian next door not making it out tho all the doggos did)

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I used to drive through there on my way Walnut Creek. Benicia looked like a super industrial shithole.

Update, whole thing is fenced off with chain link, not even demolition started as of yet.

If only they knew of a place where one could get supplies and day laborers to work on things like this…

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