Hustlin online

hittin it hard, Billdo needs a new pair of shoes…

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Your rep as a weed slacker is in danger

I’m just setting up the hustle right now, finally found what looks like a pretty good one…

Gettin money…


Nice, man. Wish I had the ability to come up with shit like that. I’m so fukking tired of this 9 to 5 bullshit I could kill myself.

hah you’d be dreamin of the 9-5 after you saw the money at times…

You might already be doin better… but it sounds like your kind of thing and probably a lot cheasier than a bank…

No, that would be a slight bump, but not nearly enough to deal with working in Santa Monica or actually have to do some real work. I’m on the gravy train here. I haven’t actually done anything here in about 2 years now. Just show up for the occasional meeting and brag about how my shit has never been hacked. My boss in NJ has no idea what my job is but thinks I’m working my ass off. I have to admit I’m beginning to get bored though, so I might look around if and see if there’s anything I can help out with.

If I hang around here another 10 years my pension will be 80% of my ending salary plus they’ll pay for all my health care. Add in 401k and SS and I would actually be making a lot more than I am now, so it’s gonna take a really sweet offer to make me leave.


Maybe you should start some porn sites in your spare time when you’re at work to make some extra money.


Try making more productive use of your time during at work, you express yourself well, maybe you should write a book, a Novel, or about Climbing, or one of your other interests like Serial Killers. I am the sovereign of idly fucking off, but it can become tedious.

Either karma’s a bitch or my boss is eavesdropping on my CBT postings. He called me today and wants me in Jersey city next week to discuss taking over a massive encryption rollout project. So long to the perpetual paid vacation :cry:

Sorry for your lost, thots and prayers.

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Stop in Allentown - I will you buy me a beer

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Hey you can stop by @WitchKing and toss water balloons from his roof top garden

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I would love to hookup with both you guys, but this is going to be a “hop on a flight early morning and back on a flight that night” trip. The travel budget is already consumed this year and he’s paying for it OOP, so no hotel stay. There will be more trips next year as I’m going to grab my share of the budget if he’s going to make me actually do some work. Let’s definitely try to hookup.

Just did a site migration for a big 3d animation company that does a lot of shit for teevee… and probably made a good hookup with the lady that hired me to do it… easy money…


Now don’t go all hollyweird on us, and start wearing yer flip flops and kakhi shorts and calling us all babe an shit.

Don’t worry lol, I’ve figured out this web game a little though, it’s all about who you get in with even more than your skills… but having some skills definitely helps… but it’s all about who you know.

That’s always been the name of the game, sure have some basic skills, but getting invited in is the challenge.

The old saying always applies. “It’s not so much what you know, but who ya blow.” in a manner of speaking.

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This guy gets it…

Everyday I’m Hustling

Do you know what trait you need if you want to succeed in marketing, entrepreneurship, or almost anything?

It’s not money, it’s not education…

It’s the art of hustling!

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