I Am New Here

I don’t have any real experience with facebook. If I already have a domain name that I want to eventually develope(light) and I want to make a facebook page now to match it up with eventually, how would I do that?

The domain name ’is’ crazylegs, for example. I would like to set my face book page up with the name Crazy Legs. facebook ‘said’ that they don’t take any nicknames.

Can you still set up fake accounts with facebook? Can you set up a blog page? If so, can ‘friends’ post to the blog page just like with the home page?

I don’t want my real name seen. While this will be a benign site I want the facebook page and the eventual site name to stand alone.

Thank You

You gotta setup a personal account first, then create your page…

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People can friend me on the blog page and post stuff on it too?

Does a link to my blog page show up on my main account page?

I don’t think a link shows up on your personal page… people can like your website/business page, you can poast as your website/business page as well instead of using your personal account…

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One does not have the facebooks.

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I don’t like it but I will use it to get started. What are your thoughts about it?

FB has the ability to connect you with fellow knuckleheads all over the world. Easier than just about any other platform.

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It can be useful for spamming, I’ve never socialized on there… here’s how you do the spamming, you find some big groups related to your blog/site and then spam a link to your latest posts in the groups…

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