I ate one of these gummies last night

and I was like drunk on weed for $6… I didn’t notice the CBN in the packaging right away, I thought it was THC/CBD… so CBN is degraded THC, more narcotic, sleepy time buzz, I stayed awake though, I made a batch of cookies…

I have a different one for this evening that’s 100mg THC and 200mg CBD


High, Sindy.


I took shrooms today :slight_smile:


I went to the weed store and bought a bunch of gummies like last Tuesday and an oz of weed too… I think asking about the gummies confused the guy cause he I got an oz (usually $110) and 5 gummies that are probably $7 or so each for $85… I was about to ask for more stuff but didn’t want to press my luck lol.

I didn’t have any left today and I didn’t want to get out in the cold, so I found some old wax, about a half gram of wax and cooked it in the oven and made Weed Mac n Cheese and I’m so high and my mouth is so dry lol.