I going out on a limb

I wanted Liz

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Me too

The horse is out of the barn.

I think I was starting to go that way too. Maybe Joe will give a nice post.

It’s a pretty good litmus test that he’s another old shitbag.

Mother fucker is so crotchety he thinks we should still be getting locked up for weed and the racist war on drugs.

Nah, give him a break he is just from a different generation, and a “Pragmatist”

Congress is 536 (Counting Veep) Individuals, generally divided between two “Parties” So any single one o them has very limited power.

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You guys don’t get it, we are done with that generation.

Because most people aren’t progressive in this country, Billdo. We have to compromise and live in the real world.

See you and the white girl friend of yours don’t have your people put in cages, so you don’t care.

I do care. If I can keep children from being ripped from their parents and kept from being sexually assaulted by CBP, it’s worth having a person like Biden.

People matter, lives matter…the rest is just political tantrums.

If we want to make a difference we ought to have citizen discussions without shutting people down for not being where we’re at.

This fuck the system shit won’t accomplish anything either.

As chaotic as things look at the moment, I don’t I don’t think we’re quite at the French Revolution Part Deus.

That’s why people are attacking the ice building here and getting arrested on fed charges. Do you think Biden is going to be the radical departure we need from america’s racist past? Democrats should demand better candidates if they really want to win elections instead of blaming progressives when they lose.

Then why can Bitch McMoscow stall anything and everything at the front door?

Let’s face it you guys are already playing the blame game because you know your party stuck you with a shitty candidate who has a huge chance of losing to an illiterate moron because they’re both crusty old white guys…

Warren/Yang would have been a winning ticket. But noooooo

When AOC is finally old enough to become the first female president as she should be, you can be sure the Democrats will pass her over for some old Republican light white guy.

And you guys still don’t get why people are out in the streets. Unless there is some real fundamental changes I don’t think the protests here will be ending. If you really want them to end, join them in the streets. The sooner we are all out there the sooner we get real change.

Racism isn’t going to be resolved this summer.


I don’t like her. I will tell you that right now.

The ballot box is where change happens.

How were basic civil rights won in this country? Oh that’s right, huge protests and “riots”.