I know I'm going to be ridiculed for this

that’s fine.

I feel that whatever threat CIVID-19 represents, it is no more than the threat of any other virus of the same family (colds & flu). That an obscene number of people test positive without symptoms, leaves me questioning the narrative.

There has been no clarity or consistency to official statements. One day one thing, next another, and then somewhere completely different after that. That this is deliberate but on whose part I don’t know, or care.

Then there is the rewriting of things we already knew. For example suddenly viruses are as big as bacteria. Considering the difference, that’s like an ant suddenly being the size of a sperm whale.

Yes, people are dying. A new flu strain can cause simular deaths among the elderly and those with health issues.

Is it man made? Irrelevant. It’s out in the world. We will all eventually catch it. Might as well get it over with.

So this is where I’m at: if you are at risk, wear a mask if you want, but they are pointless for most everyone else. And I don’t agree with mandating their use for those outside of healthcare.

Government officials being inconsistent causes distrust. Distrusting the government does not make someone stupid. It means they can smell the shit being shoveled and they don’t care for it.

If it is dangerous enough to force people to be socially distant, school’s shouldn’t open. Better supply an alternative to everyone with children.

Lots of jobs have gone forever, make sure the unemployed have enough to keep a roof over their heads as well as food and utilities.

Provide detailed information: # of tests, # of positive, # hospitalized, # without symptoms, # dead, and all those above that have been verified by the antigen/antibody testing.

And stop rewriting “facts”. Yes it’s highly contagious, like all the other covid family viruses are, but the same things you do to avoid the flu, are just as effective.

We need to stop allowing fear mongers to beat us down, nit picking our rights away, and using the peer pressure of frightened children against us.

Right now we are being assaulted on two fronts (covid & blm) and thoroughly distracted. I am seriously afraid of what is being done while this is going on.

But I sincerely don’t believe covid is as serious as we are being told. I believe the fear is far more dangerous to our lives, health, and collective future.

So go ahead and shred me. And won’t speak anymore on the subject.

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Lest we forget.

There’s lots of misinformation, disinformation, bullshit, and just plain guesswork at play here. For those like me, living in a semi rural area, I expect and do see a variety of opinions about the epidemic.

I do lack patience with people who disrespect easily verifiable FACTs, such as: last Sunday’s Houston Chronicle had an obituary SECTION that was 43 pages long.

But on matters where people of civility and logic might reasonably disagree, I personally try not to use any ideological litmus test.