I need some inspiration

For a plumbing website, I’ve been looking around at other plumbing websites for some and have noticed one thing they all have in common, they all suck, haven’t seen a nice one yet. They should put a big photo on the homepage of a toilet backed up and spewed shit everywhere… “Call Us When The Shit Really Hits The Fan.”

Call the people who convince the masses to support more war - they should have something quickly

How about gamble with us and get a straight flush - all the cards could have plungers on them

Make the tagline be, “Before you have to go, make sure your pipes flow”

‘Shitwrecked toilet? Call us.’

I like the flush thing, maybe something simple like just showing a poker hand with a royal straight flush, and or some tagline saying something like we have we have fewer leaks than the NSA…I think with plumbers and plumbing it needs to be simple and straight forward. lots of pic’s of neat clean plumbing fixtures, and nice clean plumbing vans, maybe verbiage about how all there plumbers have all served their time and now have clean slates and no longer pose a threat to society as long as they take their meds etc

We dig your pipes

something about avoiding flushing $ down the drain maybe?

You could show a shower, tub or even kitchen drain and avoid all the typical sewage references

money circling around a drain as a visual (maybe a $50) bill…it’s not like plumbing is cheap…

You need Joe the Plumber’s paid endorsement or he’ll have to go back on the assistance.

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“Call Us When The Shit Really Hits The Fanny.” fixed it. :slight_smile: