I Saw Star Wars Today

When I was leaving the usher asked me how I liked it:

Me: It was OK.

Usher: Just OK?

Me, I thought it was kind of boring actually.

I held back. I felt like saying that it was one of the crappiest movies that I had seen of late.:grin:

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Han Solo dies.

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He’s just resting.

Loser!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! I only watched the originally first 3.

Hans died??? OMG, I’m sorry for his lost. I hope he get well soon.


Well, I enjoyed it.

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I heard that from other people too.

At some point, it gets old.

It’s not really possible to even match the original, everything was brand new then. They try to make up for this by including a kaleidoscope of violence, it doesn’t work.

Let me guess. You enjoyed sitting in the audience fantasizing that this big event movie was based on a book of yours.:grinning:

You are not capable of writing a book; you know some things about literature and you are paralyzed by your ego, you are afraid of failure. Hope this helps.

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Wow. OK. No more Mr Nice Guy for you, I see. Dick face.

I was just guessing. Was there any truth to my guess?

First of all, no. Second of all, you sound as charming as Oak. WTF.

Now you’re fighting with a guy you claimed fights with no one. Maybe it really is just you.

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Yeah. I started a fight when I said “Well, I enjoyed it.” His nasty attack on me was totally justified by that post. Clearly he was just being nice and I’m a shit stirrer. I mean, “well, I enjoyed it” was clearly a personal attack that was completely out of bounds. Good for him for standing up to me!

Are you sure he didn’t turn his ID over to you?

OK I take you at your word. I thought that every Literature teacher or English teacher wanted to write a book. I heard recently that 60% of all the people living in the UK wanted to write one as well. Having such desires is not a crime.

You think the impression you leave is only on one thread? Really?!


Your post was a crime, though. Uncalled for insults. Much more in the vein of La Oak than LR. I am ashamed of you.

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A crime?

Then I should charge you with a citizen’s arrest for how nasty you were to El Phupphy calling him a flabby asshole.

That was completely uncalled for…his post wasn’t even written to you.

LMAO. You, the Queen of insults, call me out for one insult that managed to equal your bountiful nastiness. Are you jaelous? Do you think only you are allowed that level of nastiness?

You’re a joke.

This isn’t about me. This is about your nastiness and how YOU turn people off.

It’s funny that you believe everyone JUST HAS TO LIKE YOU.

What are you 5?