I saw The Last Jedi today

Han Solo is still dead

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…and Princess Leia?

You’ll have to go see.

Is Solo the only one?

I’ve read a lot of fans didn’t like it?

Is that a question?

You know how people talk these days with that upturned question intonation at the end of a sentence.

I didn’t know that juvenile tic made it into orthography.

Yes, it was a question. I just wondered if people over hyped it in their minds and it didn’t live up to their expectations?

My son’s buddy posted his review on the FB’s, an emoji of a cow being milked.


That’s basically the reviews I’ve seen. I’m not a Star Wars or Trek fan, so was just curious if the franchise burned itself out.

Hard to say, SW was handicapped out of the gate by Lucas dialogue writing.

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I’ve only seen the original first 3 movies. Our kids explained to me how they don’t go in chronological order. We had an extremely long (14 hours) flight and our college kids binged on the movies.

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The movie has dialogue?

I am going to see it on Wednesday? I get in for six bucks. What did you pay?:grin:

Is that a question?

I paid nothing.

OK, I went this afternoon and saw it. I’ll withhold my opinion for a while.

But here’s a question. In the very final scene, what was the significance of the kid having the ring? Is his name Frodo or something?



There was a nod to Hardware Wars…

No shame in that. There is nothing wrong in being an usher.