I will bet any and all SF Bay Area Sports Fans 5 Recs, that the Seahawks bury the Niner's next Monday


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5 recs? I’ll take you up on it. You’re gonna win tho

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Hope so, but the Niners have been tearing it up this year.Should be a hard fought game, with the better team coming out on top, if they just come to play ball, and run downhill and manage the clock and so on and so forth.

Well, it seems clear that if the 49ers really want to beat the Seahawks, they are gonna have to find a way to score more points than them.

Hmm, yes, I see what you’re getting at, and that is a fair point.

Game’s in San Francisco?

I’ll take that bet. 49ers win.

Only thing I have to add to this thread is that Garappolo is hot AF.

Do I hear 10 Recs?

Q: What is the sound of one mouse rec’ing?

A: click click click click click

Butt weight! Their smore!

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Have I mentioned that Deforest Buckner was part of the Chip Kelly, Marcus Mariota magic era at Eugene?

He was great in Star Wars.

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You’re thinking of Tom Hanks.

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No, that’s my wife.

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It got interesting again



tied up, let’s see how bad Russel really is.


What. A. Game.


It has been a good one.

OK, Niner,s drag out your suffering a little longer!

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I gotta admit, Wilson is tough.

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