"If you don't eat your meat, how can you eat pudding with your fingers?" A Ronda Santis Story

Considering where those fingers have probably been, uh, yuck!

I take it the thread title is a nod to Pink Floyd’s The Wall?

Brings to mind the refrain, “We don’t need no education!”

Fitting, considering Ronda is well on his way to making this a reality for all Floridians–and all Americans, if elected “Prezidant.”

At this point, MTG is experiencing a never-ending series of orgasms. The way she squirts ‘n’ gushes in public, it’s a fair bet she’s an exhibitionist of some sort.

The American Mind has now been fully Closed.

Say, anybody got a spoon?

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Sadly, there hasn’t been a Spoon around here since last year.


Very sadly.

I think Trump is going to bloody DeSantis in the primary. It’s going to be a complete bloodbath.