I'm watching the debates

Scott, Halley and DeSantis want to wipe Muslims off the map.

Vivek Swampyswampy is going to war against Kristen Welker of NBC news.

Christie is the “sane” one of the bunch.

Scott is also going to Make America Christian Again…as the founders intended :rofl:

Oh college students are BAD BAD BAD


The MAGAts are so insane they make Christie and Romney seem reasonable :woozy_face:



That being said, that Vivek Rumpyswampy really plucks my last nerve.

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I’ve never heard of this person, is he the other GOP Russian candidate?

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Yes, pretty much. He is enthusiastically pro-Russian.

Totally cray cray


It’s where the GOP gets their money.


Only three people in America watched the debate. lololol

I think that some thought that it would be business as usual. Check this out:

Detterance? :exploding_head:

VDH looks like Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit

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I can’t stand that guy.

He’s from somewhere in Fresno County I think…he’s a jackass.


I got a kick out of these “Candidates” that are allegedly running for President, all declaring their fealty should Trump win.


They put his ravings in the SJ Murky News. If I try to read it I usually end up shouting at the strawman idiocy.


I can understand that feeling.

He doesn’t agree with you, huh? :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with his point though. The Hamas thought that they could control the attack and they got burnt. This will likely discourage future attacks, that’s how it works. 50 years ago people were much more sympathetic to Israel and they have managed to fend off attackers. Why…the savages, the bullys. :astonished:


The Israelis are the bullies of the Palestinians. Hamas and Hezbollah are a symptom of this problem. A horrible one, I have to admit.


Iran is behind all of this.

I don’t think so. I think they contribute to the problem by using regional conflicts to create problems for the Saudis.

That’s the problem with the religious extremists in Islam. In their madness, they think they’ll have dominion over everyone else…then I guess, Shia and Sunnis will duke it out over being the “legitimate” Islam.


At any rate, it’s a mess. :skull_and_crossbones: