Israel turns genocide into a tourist attraction

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Jesus H. Christ…

MEMO is known generally to support Islamist positions within Palestinian politics, so the slant may not be surprising.

OTOH, you can’t make this kind of crazy shit up. I hope more will be revealed.

EDIT: Haaretz and Newsweek are also reporting it, with a little less “edge” to the story.

Is the Trump Company involved in this?

I’m not aware of any hotels they have on the west bank. But maybe that will change.

Sharon Gat, the founder and CEO, estimates that between 15,000 and 25,000 tourists visit his facility each year. The overwhelming majority are American Jews, many of them families visiting Israel for a bar mitzvah and other celebrations. But growing numbers in recent years have been coming from Brazil, Argentina, France, Italy, Russia and especially China on work-related trips and religious pilgrimages.
“Masada, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem’s Old City are no longer enough,” says Hani Sand, a Tel Aviv-based travel specialist. “Travelers today are on the lookout for something authentic and different, and this definitely fits the bill.”
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