It's late your crush calls, they want to come over....what do you feed them?

The question:
picture it- a cold a weathery night- The boy/girl/undefined/other of your dreams has just called that their car broke down near your place, can they come over… its evening so being a fucking gentleman (I use that gender neutral) you ask if they’ve eaten… they have not.
What do you make in 30 minutes or less FROM WHAT YOU WOULD USUALLY HAVE STOCKED IN YOUR KITCHEN?
****note- to lie about what you have around is like cheating at solitaire or faking it jerking off, keep it real kids

h/t to Tanuki

Don’t this belong on Quora?

Good call. but I’ve never posted there, I’m scared.

My pen is?

In a gender neutral way

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Flied lice. And vodka.

she gettin a omelet

Probably some popcorn chicken and veggies.

My freezer is full of easy/quick things.

Sardines over a nice thin layer of crunchy peanut butter on rye